We have the best team of software engineers, product managers and tech expertise ready to build a powerful product that is bug free, high performing and easily maintained.

Our story began with e-commerce, built hundreds of e-commerce businesses across different industries. We also built menasa e-commerce to make it able for everyone to create their store in minutes.

App Development

Phones are the new computers, everyone uses them. We are here to help you bring your business into apps that accelerates your sales, growth and reach.

Product Design

User experience is one of the most critical functions in menasa, we always aim to create modern, efficient and beautiful experiences.


Our design team can take care of building the visual identity for your brand, all the way from building a representative logo to all printed work needed.

We don't only build products, we sell them too! menasa offers comprehensive digital marketing services like social media management, campaigns and more.

Our Process

At Menasa, we follow agile strategy to give our team ownership over the work they're crafting - and gives you visibility over decisions being made


We listen

Its your product, we will be eager to hear more about it, help you define what it as and conduct all the research needed to make sure we are on the right track from day 1.


We ideate & document

At this stage we do the heads down work and make sure the process is well documented for continues developments in the future.


Its time to review!

Once we reach the limit of our pursuit of perfection, we know we have something to show you, we review together before giving the green light for the product to go live.


Your product is live ????

Done! Your stunning product is now live and the hands of your customers, ask for menasa marketing plans and lets get this business going 😉