We are tech experts

Our tech team is highly experienced & passionate to help you build your product

We are creatives

Design and user experience is at the core of our approach, with users always in mind

From Idea to Launch

We are there from the moment you get the idea, all the way to testing your product.

Our first pillar is and has been always tech, our software development & design department.
We have worked on many digital products, in different industries such as e-commerce, B2C services and even fintech!

And following up on the progress of all these projects, gives us an edge to support in digital marketing as well,
we have a team of expert designers, copywriting and marketing to accelerate the growth of our partners.

and of course our flagship product, Menasa E-commerce

Where you can create and publish your online ordering websites in few minutes, with a smooth reliable user experience for both store owners and end customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can menasa provide to my product?

Every project is a challenge here at menasa, our teams from sales, to design & tech are able to help you starting by shaping your product idea and introducing it to the world in a form of prototypes, all the way laughing it and we stay with you to provide digital marketing as well!

Does menasa provide branding along with App & website design?

Branding is our recently added service, we believe owning the design strategy for a product from all aspects, branding, UX Design, Social media & marketing gives us the ability to really transform your vision conssistnaly with almost no error rate.

Does menasa build custom e-commerce websites & apps?

E-commerce is at the core of our business, we have helped hundreds of online businesses to accelerate their digital print in the e-commerce world.

If you’re looking for a tool to create your store in 10mins, checkout our very own Menasa E-commerce , and if you’re looking for an absloutly unique custom built e-commerce solution, drop us a message at [email protected]

How can I reach out?

Drop us a message at [email protected]